Wishing all the readers A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017


The New Year always dawns with new hopes, new aspirations and new challenges. In so far as the Indian school education system is considered, the year 2017 is expected to be significant and engaging. Yes, with the new policy of education on the anvil, schools are looking forward to newer thrusts in the educational policy which will impact the way the schools think, the way they will be run, the objectives of the content they would deliver to their clientele, preparing responses to the challenges in their pedagogical structures practiced in the classrooms, the models of assessment as well as their administrative orientations. How far the new policy will transform the existing principles and practices, is anybody’s guess.

The emerging digital impact on our lines of thinking and social practices do call for a meaningful reorientation of our methods of classroom interactions. The increasing evidence of Boards of education putting the information on their web platforms, better access to information library, the possibilities of webinars with the clients across the country and the thrust on digitalising their data for greater transparency both to the stockholders and the system managers indicate a positive impact of technology on educational administration. It also means that these data are valid, credible, authentic and could be subject to audit. Therefore the Boards would do well on addressing the issue of effective e-governance of their affiliates.

The economic reforms undertaken by the Government also have a significant impact on the financial structures of schools and their transactions with their clients. The thrust on digital payments of monetary transactions between stakeholders and school authorities would certainly bring better accountability and transparency in the administrative structures, but also calls for review of the relevant rules which would put improved trust on the school managements and reduce their anxiety levels and fears of unwarranted harassments. In the emerging scenario, the schools need more autonomy for delivering quality and pursuing excellence.

The first issue of The Progressive School has been welcomed by many in the fraternity. The articles were quite responsive to many of the current issues faced by Schools all over the country. The current issue is focusing on pursuit of excellence in schools and on issues relating to HR management in a scenario where it is becoming increasingly difficult to get motivated teachers and ensure their retention in schools. The articles have been authored by many experienced and senior educational administrators, and Principals. This also brings to focus various initiatives taken by groups of schools to meaningfully respond and prepare to the existing challenges.

I take this opportunity to thank Shri Himanshu Gupta for his encouragement and enthusiasm to bring this journal as an instrument to promote educational consciousness among all the stakeholders. I also thank Mr Sonal Khurana, publisher and his entire team for their support.

Again, wishing all of you a purposeful new year, 2017!

Editor-in Chief