Welcome to a new world of Thought Leadership!



The launch of this new magazine The Progressive School marks a New Era of Partnership among the stakeholders in the field of School Education in the country. As the very name of the magazine would indicate, it intends to open newer pathways for performance and progress in schools by triggering their latent and creative thoughts, skills and related competencies. In a world, haunted by a mind-boggling pace of change, to which education appears as the first client, it is important not only to be sensitive to the emerging changes but be an active participant in the process to scale higher peaks of excellence.

How can this be achieved?

This would be possible only if both individuals and communities engage themselves in active learning, not to be a part of race, but to be relevant and meaningful members who are competent and contributive to the process. The newer domains of learning lie not in closed shelves of libraries, but in processes of exchange of knowledge and skills, resulting in collaboration, cooperation and contribution.

The Progressive School intends to act as an engaging platform for those schools, Heads of Schools, School Managers, Teachers, Learners, Parents and the Community as a whole, synergising their needs – academic, administrative and otherwise. This synergy should facilitate individuals and organisations to make informed choices, productive systems, and critical decisions, and empower in assurance of quality in their processes and products. \

The Progressive School will address to a wide range of issues –curricular and otherwise – that help schools belonging to all cross-sections of the educational spectrum across the country. Articles, Experiments, Researches, Reviews, Case Studies and innovative projects which would help in building ‘Learning Communities’ among schools are most welcome. Profiles of Schools which have reset their milestones, Profiles of educators who have made a difference to pedagogy, Profiles of individuals/organisations who have become role models by redefining or re-engineering the concepts of quality in school administration will be a part of the publication in due course.

The Progressive School will highlight global dynamics in educational innovations and promote global engagements of educational leaders both through personal dialogues and through technological platforms. As the cherished objective of the magazine will be to provide ‘Thought Leadership’ – it will be inclusive in its approach to make all stakeholders feel this as ‘Everybody’s Magazine’ !

The publication of this magazine at a time when the New Education Policy is being discussed and finalised appears quite timely and appropriate. We will have opportunities and platforms to share our views, concerns and experiences for the national development.

So, welcome to the World of Thought Leadership !

G. Balasubrahmanian