Towards a stress-free environment in schools…

Greetings to the Readers of The Progressive School


I am sure, all of you are aware that the New Education Policy is knocking the doors of our educational corridors. The draft Policy has been under discussion and debate on several platforms across the country. A number of questions have been asked and the educators are keeping their fingers crossed as to how the policy would impact the existing school system. No wonder, the fear of the future always triggers certain amount of Stress. “Stress” is one of the catch words of a busy world and people from every walk of life face stressful situations time and again. Reasons for it could be many, but beating the stress has always been a matter of concern.

“Beating the Stress” is the theme of this issue and we have people from different walks of life who have contributed their wisdom to help us to combat stress effectively through some simple steps. In school situations, competition is an important factor that induces stress. In a consumerist world with the cutting-edge competition, it is not only survival that matters, but also the highest level of performance. Everyone wants to be at the top of his universe of operation where the space is limited. Hence it calls for understanding, coping skills, acceptance and appreciation of differences.

Examinations in schools is yet another significant contributor to stress. Dr. Hema Abhiroop, Principal, Amicus International School, Vadodara has given some excellent suggestions to face this challenge. Dr. Hematkumar S. Pandya, a Principal from Ahmedabad has dealt with some critical issues on developing a positive ambience in the school which will go a long way in enabling joyful learning. Dr. Thakur S. Mulchandani, a Principal from Abu Dhabi has addressed the issues related to assessment which could help in empowering and enhancing achievement. Venkatesh Athreya, Author of one of the best-selling books

“50 Secrets to a Fantastic Life and Career” has contributed an article suggesting 10 ways for the pursuit of Stress-Free Excellence. There are a number of other articles which provide a wide variety of learning inputs to beat the stress.

I thank all authors profusely for their rich contribution and support. I thank Sh. Himanshu Gupta, Chairman, S. Chand group for his active involvement and suggestions for this issue. Sonal Khurana and his team deserve appreciation for all their support. I look forward to your suggestions and continued support to this magazine.
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