Top 5 teaching styles educators use across the globe


Though every teacher has his own style of teaching, but there are few fundamental teaching styles which most of them use:

1. The Authority or lecture style: This is a teacher-centered model, where teacher gives lengthy lectures and students take down notes or absorb information. This is relevant for large group of students and most suitable for subjects like history, which is full of key facts, dates, names, etc. But, since there is very little interaction with teachers, it is not suitable for younger children.

2. The Demonstrator or coach style: It is similar to the Authority style but lessons might include multimedia presentations, activities, demos, etc. It is mostly used for subjects like Maths, Science, Music, Arts & Crafts, etc. But, again, it is not an individual approach of teaching.

3. The Facilitator or activity style: Here, the teacher is a facilitator, who promotes self-learning and help students develop critical thinking skills and learn in a more relaxed way. It encourages children to ask questions and explore answers. It is best suited for teaching science.

4. The Delegator or group style: Best suited for subjects that require lab activities, such as chemistry and biology, or subjects that need peer feedback, like debate and creative writing. Here, the teacher becomes an observer and inspires students by working in tandem towards common goals.

5. The Hybrid or blended style: It is an integrated approach to teaching that blends the teacher’s personality and interests with students’ needs and curriculum-appropriate methods. It is inclusive as teacher tries to tailor his/her style according to his/her students.

Teacher can use a mix of one or more style depending upon the topic they are teaching in class.