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The last issue of The Progressive School magazine has captured the attention of the schools in various parts of the country. Many have called me up to express their satisfaction about the quality of content, the style of presentation and the relevance of the topics. I thank those who have personally and through other social media expressed their appreciation. While the magazine will certainly try to scale up its position to be globally relevant in the field of school education, I would appreciate the readers to contribute for the future issues actively.

The schools across the country have been experiencing stressful moments with the examinations around the corner. Now that the examinations are underway in most Boards of Education, their next concern is the preparation of the school for the next academic year. One of the major points in the agenda of the schools today is the ‘Safety’ of the students in the school premises. Several incidents of natural and manmade challenges that threaten the physical, emotional and psychological safety of the students and the teachers is forcing the educational administrators and managers to consider newer and more effective regulations.

A safe school has many concerns to address. Some of them relate to infrastructure, mobility, transport, laboratory safety, health, safety in play fields, safe practices in teacher-pupil relationships, safety during outdoor trips, issues relating to child abuse, emotional blackmails, bullying, kidnapping and use of internet and social media. The Heads of Institutions are exploring day in and day out ways and means to secure a safe environment in schools in all these and other domains of operation.
However, the schools need to pay greater attention to the primary students who become easy victims because of age and lesser exposure to these challenges. Similarly, attention needs to be bestowed on the children with special needs, as they need our personal care and support.

This issue of THE PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL addresses several of these issues with the support of leading experts from the field of psychology, rehabilitation, technology, social media and educational administration.

A wide spectrum of opinions would help the schools to view all the issues with the details they need and take appropriate action in their local context. I thank all the eminent people who responded to our request despite their prevailing priorities.
I thank Mr Himanshu Gupta for his continued support and Mr Sonal Khurana and his team for their teamwork.

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Editor-in Chief