Steps for coping with compartment exam pressure


Hameeda Kadar
Counsellor CBSE Qatar region & Principal, M.E.S. Indian School, Doha – Qatar

Focus on good things and move forward. If you have the will you will make your way!

On one hand, there are students who get through their Boards and the subsequent entrance examinations to get admissions in their dream colleges and universities, while on other, there are students, who feature in the compartment category. These students quietly but decisively work their way to clear their papers in the ensuing CBSE compartment examinations. These students are keen to catch up with their buddies who have just landed at the portals of colleges for a start of a new academic life. Here are a few tips to cope with the situation.

Are you too apprehensive about flouting your second chance arising out of exam-related stress and strain? Are you feeling low?Here comes the second lease of life in the form of compartment exam to prove your mettle, improve upon the grey areas and to overcome the lurking fear.

Tips for students to overcome stress.

Schools can help students cope up with stress. Here’s how:

Think positive: Tell the students not to be too critical and analytical about themselves, as it will only subdue their energy level and dampen their spirits and desire to succeed. Reckon that the pitfall which they experienced in the school final exam acts as a wakeup call, enabling them to reconstruct their pathways to success with a renewed energy. Make them realise that they are not alone in their battleground, schools are very much with them, teaming up with their parents to provide all the required moral and psychological comfort.

Keep anxiety at bay: The days will be packed full of revision and the existential dread that they won’t get into the university they want to. But, ask students to avoid ruminating about their performance as this would result in augmenting their anxiety and depression in a disproportionate manner.

Be inspired: Ask the students to stay calm and remember that they have myriad means and options to establish themselves. Instances in the lives of eminent personalities serve as a learning curve for many as they encountered resolutely during the gloomy moments to see the brighter side. Believe that every cloud has a silver lining, even though this may not be immediately apparent. Einstein was pretty vocal about his dislike of formal education. His teachers desired to get rid of him as they concluded that he was incapable of receiving the formal education. But much to their surprise, history has rewritten different story by promoting him to become a lifelong visiting professor to a university. There are many more personalities in real life, whom we now consider being incredibly successful didn’t actually do too well at school. So, don’t lose heart at what had happened, but devise a firm and feasible strategy to come out of this quagmire of stagnation.

Destress: It is obvious that stress level will be riding high on the day prior to an exam. However, children should be encouraged to work ways to de-stress themselves.

Parental support: Parents should be advised to refrain from discussing with their wards about their previous performances and results, as it will only aggravate their level of expectation. Also, parents can facilitate their wards to focus on studies by staying themselves away from watching international prime sports events on TV which generally coincides with the exam days. Let the children be on their own, as parents take every measure to exercise unconditional support, abundance of care and understanding at this crucial time. On the nearing days of the exam, parents should provide them with much needed simple but nutritious food, encourage them to take sufficient water intake and ensure that they don’t fall prey to sleep depravity due to burning the midnight oil. Importantly, accompany them to the allotted exam centers well in time on the day of exam thus providing emotional comfort.

Prepare for the exam: As students appearing for the exam, there are a few pointers to be borne in mind during and the day of the exam. Encourage students to arrange the required exam related materials including the hall ticket well in advance. They should utilize the cool off time to survey the question paper and to identify the easy questions. They should follow the instructions given on the paper. Ask them to recollect all the value points to be incorporated into their answers. Tell them to present their answers in the most presentable form possible. Ask them to attempt all the questions and complete answering question paper within the stipulated time frame.

In conclusion, tell them to face their past without regret; handle their present with confidence and fare forward for a glorious future. I am reminded of the words of Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, which run thus, “End is not the end, in fact, E.N.D. means Effort Never Dies.” So,let’s be positive and put on a bold front to herald new opportunities in the days ahead.

For further clarification exam related stress management counselling, both students and parents may contact Hameeda Kadar, Principal MES Indian School, the Counsellor for Qatar region appointed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) at +974 55865725 during the school working hours for pre-examination psychological counselling to Class X and XII students.

Hameeda Kadar, M.A, B.Ed., Dip. in Child Psychology, is Counsellor CBSE Qatar region and Principal of M.E.S Indian School, Doha – Qatar.