“Safety and protection of school children is a necessity, rather than a reactive measure”


Srinivasa Rao Saripalli
CEO and Co-Founder, SkoolSmart, Bangalore

says Srinivasa Rao Saripalli, CEO and Co-Founder, SkoolSmart in conversation with Varsha Verma. He stresses on the importance of safety solutions for schools. Excerpts.

“The world is dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” –Albert Einstein

In this day and age, safety and protection for school children is not an option, it’s a necessity. Having said that, it is a task to manually ensure the child’s safety through attendance and head counts. SkoolSmart offers a revolutionary child safety solution, which is a comprehensive and integrated RFID system that tracks the location of school children right from the time they get on the school bus till the time they get home.

“It is for all students of the school including those coming by their own transport. It is one of the most effective and cost efficient way to ensure that our children stay safe.Thus, we offer security solution to a child once he steps out from home, goes to school, is in school and then back from school to home. It is a home-school-home solution,” says Srinivasa Rao Saripalli, CEO and CO-Founder, SkoolSmart.

The offerings…

“We offer eight unique solutions,” he said. These include:

Student Tracking: No Swiping — Automatic RFID Tracking system of SkoolSmart tracks the complete journey of a student. The RFID tracking system not only tracks the bus journey of the students but also tracks the entry and exit from the school,movement within the campus thus giving complete trail of student. “Parents get Real Time notifications of their child journey through the mobile app/SMS notifications thus making them carefree about the safety of their kids,” he adds.

Surveillance Camera: Surveillance Cameras installed on the school buses help in monitoring the activities on the bus, providing a remote vigilance tool to the school administrators. It acts as a deterrent for any mischief and helps in avoiding unbecoming incidents on the bus. The live feed of information helps the transport authorities to supervise the driving behaviors of the drivers. “It has additional features like panic button, bi-directional voice communication and remote streaming of bus activities,” adds Srinivasa.

Mobile App: The Mobile app is a student tracking app, which tracks the journey of the students on the bus & campus both. “It provides pertinent notifications to parents and forms an integral part for accessing and communicating all relevant information to the parents thus keeping them updated on important information at all times,” he shares.

Automatic Attendance At School- AttendanceApp: This App in the mobile eliminates the hassle of manual attendance for the teachers and automatically records the attendance as soon as the student enters the campus. It allows the class teacher to verify and also edit the attendance records. “In case the student forgets to wear the ID card, thus missing the attendance, or has recorded the attendance, but is missing from the school, the teacher can manually edit the records. The final edited attendance, saved by the class teacher, through the app will be stored in the database. This helps storing the records digitally for future retrieval and other uses by the school,” tells Srinivasa.

Smart Pick Up: This app is to ensure that the kids are handed to authorized personnel only at the drop point. “Further the app makes it easy to substitute in case the authorised person is not available. A photo of the substitute needs to be uploaded through mobile,which will automatically reflect on the conductor app thus making it safe for the kid,” he explains.

In school Zoning: This is a solution to track students movements inside the school and tab trespassing , if any, into vulnerable or prohibited areas. Appropriate alerts to the admin are triggered for necessary administrative action. “This feature is of importance, especially in vast campuses and boon to schools, having large number of students,” tells Srinivasa.

Route Optimization: This is an application, which helps the school transport department, to efficiently create bus routes depending on the pickup / drop points, bus capacity and the distances to be travelled. “This process eliminates the random allocation of students to buses thus optimising the bus utilization resulting in cost efficiency without compromising on the quality,” he adds.

Parent and Visitor Management: To make the school visitor management system smart, SkoolSmart has come up with a solution, which makes the whole experience convenient for parents. The hassle of manual entry is done away with by providing an RFID card. It captures the details automatically, without swiping,and picks up the records digitally for later records. “To eliminate manual entries, the visitors entry is also automated. The details of the visitor are entered in computer along with the photograph taken through webcam and an RFID card is assigned to the visitor,” he adds.

What’s more?

“Skoolsmart takes service to the customers seriously as it believes in serving and not selling. It has a centralized command centre which monitors all the buses, campus readers,class attendance, in campus tracking,video tracking of students. Timely reports are provided to the school management for their use and appropriate actions. A dedicated team of trained field engineers and relationship managers handle the queries and provide technical support. Each school is provided with a dedicated Skoolsmart manager to ensure proficiency,” he shares. “We have our sales team in 12 different cities.”

The SmartSkool solution has been applied to over 50 schools across Bangalore, Delhi & NCR, Kolkata, Pondicherry, Guwahati, Hosur, etc. “These include schools like DPS RK Puram, New Delhi (for the last three years); Newtown School Kolkata (for the last three years); Royal Global School, Guwahati; Solitaire Global School, Telangana; Sishya School,Hosur; Amalorpavam School Pondicherry, to name a few. Infact, our services are being used by over 2,00,000 children,” shares Srinivasa.

As a message to all schools, Srinivasa says, “Students spend sizable amount of time in schools and as such, safety and security is a priority. It is a must, and should not be seen as a cost. Today is the right time to invest in safety solutions for your school children.”