PM Modi’s teacher still sends him handwritten letters


Talking about ‘teachers’ in his Mann Ki Baat radio address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 65, recently went down the memory lane, remembering many things about his teachers whom he met during his schooling years in his small Gujarat village. One of his teachers, retired principal Rasvihari Maniar, according to the PM, is still in touch with him, through handwritten letters. Though the teacher is now over 90 years of age, he still sends handwritten letters every month to the PM. In his letter, Rasvihari writes about the books he has read, picking inspiring quotes out of them. Even the teacher gives opinion on what the PM has done during the month, whether it was right or wrong as though he is still teaching Modi in the classroom. Moreover, the PM is elated to whatever his teacher is doing now and then for him; even he is quite impressed to see the neat handwriting of his teacher.