Making schools tech-savvy…


Vatsala Singh
Director (Education & Administration) at M P Singh Foundation, Delhi Public School, Dehradun

Education can be best interpreted as a process of learning, growth & achievement. Education basically is for the purpose of preparing for future & being equipped with the latest today. Innovation & research have always gone hand in hand with education and Smart schools is the next big thing.

The general interpretation of a smart school is a school equipped with the latest technology in its overall functioning. The most prevalent and common aspect of a smart school is being IT enabled & using computer technology in all its functions.

Smart classrooms

Any technology, especially in school scenario, should be essentially used as a learning aid – to complement and supplement the teacher, not as the replacement of teacher. The advantages of technology are many which enable the teacher and learner and optimizes the whole process, such as:

  1. Supplementing the textual knowledge with visual aids in the form of a movie about any particular process or incident.
  2. Have online collaboration with any school in the world and be a part of learning community worldwide.
  3. A latest practice that we have done in school is that the teacher & children make a summary of the day’s learning subject wise and share it on a common platform like Whatsapp group. The summary has to be only a few lines. This is a very effective and tried and tested method of understanding, collaborative learning and learning beyond classroom.
  4. 4. The teachers make question banks through technology which keeps on adding each year and it really helps in their work.
  5. Teachers are abreast with the latest innovation and information and progress in their particular subject.
  6. 6. Smart schools as best equipped in teaching children of different learning styles, in the same classroom only by incorporating different methods enabled by technology.

Document maintenance and record keeping

It is needless to say how effective technology is in saving our paper and environment and also in saving time when searching for a particular document. Hence, technology can be efficiently used for document maintenance and record keeping.


The only challenge for a teacher is that they have to keep abreast and be lifelong learners. Today, we have to prepare children for a future world and the fast pace at which the world is changing and growing – we do not know what we are preparing our children for. In such a scenario, it is important to be abreast with technological advancements.

How smart schools are different?

Every school is for the purpose of educating the children but Smart schools differ in only one aspect – they truly prepare the children for future as they incorporate the technology and teach the application of it to the children which incidentally the children have to in their future. I believe that it is school’s responsibility to make the children IT mature as well – meaning that they must know how to get the right information and how to protect themselves from the vulnerability that it causes. IT gives power and power always needs to be used most judiciously and discreetly.

Vatsala Singh, BA, LLB, LLM, B.Ed., has been with Delhi Public School Dehradun since Oct, 2015 taking care of the management, academics & administration of the school. She joined DPS Dehradun from GVN-The Global School, Bhopal where she was the Founder Principal of the school. She has also worked with The Sanskaar Valley School, International Public School – Bhopal. Vatsala’s experience with established as well as new schools has helped her to discern closely the constantly evolving needs of schools and varied demands of different curricula. She is on the advisory board of IECS- Indira Educational Society headed by Prof. Handoo & attends the various National level workshops for Principals & also takes sessions for leaders. She is also the recipient of 6th National Women Excellence Award 2013, The Nav Kiran Award, by North Eastern Council, Ministry Of Department of North Eastern Region, Govt of India.