Let’s look forward to a brilliant academic year!


Greetings! The last couple of months have been indeed quite challenging to the stakeholders in education, be it the school owners, be it the Heads of Institutions, teachers, students, parents or for even those who were in education industry. The confusion related to the modus operandi of the public examinations in several parts of the country, the lack of decisions with regard to the reopening of the schools after covid scenario, the inadequate communication with regard to the processes relating to the implementation of the policies in NEP had put the schools in a fix. They had not been able to take correct and appropriate decisions on several fronts including their the selection of textual materials as well as the e-content for the ensuing academic year on time.

Many schools across the country also faced challenges in appointing adequate number of qualified teachers to various disciplines of learning with the teachers’ colleges remaining closed for the last two years. The urgency to train the teachers both for the online classrooms and offline classroom with differing relationship and pedagogical perspectives appears a continuing problem. One cannot marginalize the challenges faced by the parents in coping with frequent changes in school systems and the procedures relating to their administration In the midst of all these challenges, our digital natives have been on their job – learning- from whatever sources they could access, more so through the digital sources! Though the quality and quantity of their learning content and their access to the learning universe were not articulated to an order, learning did happen in a formatcontextually depending on the eco-system in which the learner was placed.

The issue educators coping with digital natives has been a matter of debate for quite some time. Several views have been expressed by different stakeholders based on their own perspectives of the current situation. This issue focuses on some of those issues – thanks to the educators who have contributed analyzing the problems from close quarters, based on their own understanding and experience of their operating universe. This issue of the Progressive school deals not only with technology related issues, but also those relating to implementation of the curriculum and pedagogy, parental concersn and most importantly the gap between digital natives and the digital immigrants.

I profusely thank all the authors for their valuable inputs that would not only enrich the thought dynamics of the readers, but provoke a healthy debate on the related issues. I place on record my sincere appreciation to Sonal Khorana and his team for conceiving and articulating the idea in a comprehensive manner. Thanks to shri. Himanshu Gupta, the Chairman of the group for his leadership and support in ensuring the benefit of knowledge accessible to thousands of teachers across the country.

Wishing all the schools a brilliant academic year!

G. Balasubramanian