India ranked number one at International Memoriad Games


Indian contingent at the recent International Memoriad Games held in Las Vegas emerged as ‘top country’ with impressive claim of 15 medals, comprising 3 gold. For the global memory games competition, which revolves around mental sport events like calculations, memorisations, speed-reading and others, India Memoriad Federation selected 300 participants from all over the country. The participants were in diverse age groups as the youngest being a 5-year-old and the oldest 42. Jainum Shah, a 14-year-old competitor at the event, bagged ‘gold medal’ for calendar dates calculations. Another participant from the team India, Maitri Maniar, won ‘silver medal’ for 8×8 digit multiplication. The contingent broke two world records—for 8-digit square roots and calculating calendar dates.
Scott Flansburg, who is dubbed as ‘Human Calculator’ called the team India ‘best’ as always.