IMAGINE: A day-long forum to inspire a movement


Current research chillingly states that one in four people in the world are affected by mental health disorders. WHO reports that 50% of mental health disorders manifest before 14 years of age and puts 30% of young Indians as having been diagnosed with mental illness; reality far exceeds that number. India has been affected by an alarming increase in depression and mental illnesses and suicide is the leading cause of death amongst our youth.

IMAGINE, a collaboration between child and adolescent mental health institute Children First, and Teamwork Arts, a pioneering entertainment company committed to social action, has been conceived as a movement to combat this disturbing corrosion of the mental health of our young. IMAGINE will be held on 26th October 2018 in Delhi bringing together national and global experts to share ideas and practices that can make this world emotionally safer for children and youth.

IMAGINE’s gathering of influencers will include psychologists, occupational therapists, educators, special educators, psychiatrists, pediatricians, NGOs and policy makers, participating in debates and discussions, identifying hurdles and seeking solutions. Young people and parents too will join in to share their perspectives.