Gearing up for the new normal…


What a pleasure to connect with you after a long time! The last one year has indeed been quite challenging to the entire world with a number of unprecedented challenges. The impact of Covid on social psyche, professional  environments, work culture, relationship patterns and health status of people has been quite significant and, on a few occasions, quite alarming. To say, that we moved from a situation of crisis to that of a chaos, is no exaggeration. The school industry and the entire educational universe has also been impacted tremendously, uprooting several of the classical strategies of learning and teacher-pupil interaction.

With the schools shut down for any direct personal interaction for learning, the use of technology helped to put in place a substantial amount of learning through online classrooms. Though questions were raised about its continued relevance and effectivity, one cannot underplay its role to reach out to the learners in varying degrees depending on the school preparedness, leadership and teacher motivation.

The Boards of education had also to do a lot of dressing of their curriculum and their assessment patterns to respond to the emerging situation meaningfully to infuse a sense of continued confidence in the minds of learners so that they do not become victims to psychological inadequacies arising out of the challenges.

The schools also did suffer financial challenges due to non-receipt of fee from a significant cross-section of the parents, who were suffering due to their professional challenges in the covid context. The relationship profile of schools with parents touched a new low in a number of cases as many parents could not adequately respond to the changing patterns of learning with technology and also out of their inability to support their wards adequately through tools and appliances. The learning methods and pedagogical interventions were required to meet some new normal which was indeed difficult for a large number of teachers.

With all the above challenges, I must say, the school system responded contextually and purposefully to the needs of the hour. The system demonstrated its willingness and readiness to change within a short period of time. I take this opportunity to salute all the stakeholders of the system for their reach to put strategies in place to facilitate the learners effectively in the given environment.
The New Education Policy 2020 has given further fillip to the learning dynamics of schools with newer ideas and a better perspective of making education current, competent, skill-based and futuristic. The schools have very challenging times to be partners in progress with the Governments both at the centre as well as at the state level along with the National agencies engaged in the nurturing of education.

The Progressive School is a magazine that is always futuristic and is engaged in the continuous empowerment of the school systems academically and also address relevant issues from time to time. This issue is indeed an effort in that direction. I thank all the authors who have contributed to this issue. Their experience and expertise are reflected in their words. I thank Mr. Sonal Khurana, the publisher of the magazine and his team for their commitment in making this issue attractive and educative. Mr. Himanshu Gupta, the Managing Director of S. Chand group has always given his unqualified support in making each endeavour successful and I thank him for his support.

With the new academic year on the anvil, ‘The Progressive School’ wishes all a productive and engaging academic year!

G. Balasubramanian