Gearing up for positive changes…


The world of education has geared up for many changes now. The New Policy of Education is almost at its final stage to be placed before the Parliament. The draft had proposed a number of changes in the educational edifice to make education more India-centric, learner friendly, flexible and comprehensive. Policies of Assessment and the pedagogical support systems are being debated among the educators across the country to visualize the challenges the new initiatives would bring about. It is difficult to put things in a proper perspective unless the new curricular framework will find its way through and bring some clarity on the relevant issues.

The New Policy of Education focuses extensively on “Early Childhood Care and Education,” which I think is the right approach. “Child is the Father of the Man” is a proverbial statement. The future growth profile in all its facets depends on the growth profile at the developmental state. A number of factors at the early childhood design the entire life process of the human beings. It is therefore important to address several issues related to early childhood care like nutrition, emotional development, physical fitness and a happy environment for the child. Only a happy child can grow positive attitudes to life and towards the fellow beings in the society. This issue of The Progressive School addresses these concerns. I am happy to note that a number of educators with expertise in early childhood care and education have contributed their wisdom and experience and I profusely thank them.

The recent commendation of the Hon’ble Prime Minister about the steps taken by the CBSE to put in place “Fitness curriculum” has ushered in a lot of positive energy in the school environment. Fitness is not restricted to mere physical fitness. It is inclusive of mental, emotional, psychological, intellectual and social fitness. It really suggests a holistic growth as body, mind and spirit are indeed a part of a whole system. One cannot think of body alone leaving the rest. In the context of the new policy of education, one could indeed wish that the new design of the curriculum takes care of all these components of fitness, however giving adequate thrust to physical fitness which is fundamental to all others.

With the introduction of “Happiness Curriculum” by the Delhi Government in the schools administered by them, educators are gravitated to examine the possibilities of this initiative in different parts of the country. Basically, happiness is a state of mind and this topic has been debated for several centuries . Lord Buddha said “Happiness has no path; Happiness is the path.” It exists both in the process and the product. It is experiential, subjective and personalized, Happiness is not necessarily conditioned by time and space for people who have understood the core meaning. A number of life skills are integral to the state of happiness. I hope the basic objective developing happy children and happy citizens has to be the core any educational process.

With a number of vibrant topics which need to addressed from time to time, The Progressive School magazine has been growing in size and its popularity. I appeal to all the educators to contribute their thoughts and experience so that it can be shared on a larger platform. I thank Mr. Himanshu Gupta, for continuous supporting this endeavour and his suggestions from time to time. I thank Sonal Khurana and his team for their meticulous attention to details and design in making this magazine reader- friendly.

Best wishes,