Esri India to empower schools with GIS


With the aim of empowering schools with next generation technologies, Esri India, country’s leading Geographic Information System (GIS) Software & Solutions provider launched the “GeoMentor Program.”

The GeoMentor program is focused on encouraging the GIS enthusiasts and practitioners in India to come forward and skill school students in India in GIS technology. GeoMentors would be empowered with course material, training, and support infrastructure to equip them, become a mentor for school within their region and community. Esri India has already trained more than 1000 school students and teachers through a pilot program in Delhi-NCR region (June’18 – October’18).

New emerging technologies are opening up new ways of learning and understanding our world. In a recently conducted study – Wikibrands’ Digital Periscope study and surveys, Geospatial Technologies and GIS have been included in the top 20 emerging technologies in next 10 years (2018-2028). GIS will help students view, understand and analyze data in different subjects, not just geography, but chemistry, physics, history, arts, environmental studies, civics, and many more. GIS is used as an inquiry-driven and problem-solving platform and provides career options that are increasingly in demand. It helps students think critically, use real data, and connects them to their own community.

Esri India has taken many initiatives in bridging the current skill gap in India with respect to GIS technology. The GeoMentor program is an extension to the K 12 program launched by the company, which aimed at educating students about GIS technology. Some of the leading schools in Delhi-NCR including Tagore International, Deep Public School, Scottish High School, Maharaja Agrasen School, Basant Valley Global School, Sai Memorial Girls school have already collaborated with the company for this initiative. Esri India recently launched the EIGAP program for teaching, learning, and research purposes. ArcGIS, the flagship platform, is available to universities nationally at a special price. The company has been promoting GIS know-how through other programs like GIS Academia Council and mApp Your Way.