“Empower students to empower nation”


Harendra Kumar Yadav
Principal, Chhotu Ram Sr Sec Public School, Delhi

says Harendra Kumar Yadav, Principal, Chhotu Ram Sr Sec Public School in conversation with Varsha Verma. Here, he shares his views about the changing trends in education and what needs to be done to empower our students, the citizens of tomorrow.

Established in 1993, Chhotu Ram Sr Sec Public School (CRPS) is striving to bring the education of best standard within the reach of poor and weaker sections at the lowest possible cost and to produce the well informed and self-assured young men and women. “This school is child centered and progressive and hence is an epitome of society. The school designs a curriculum to promote potential of leadership and emphasize on a sound educational programme to instill within children self control, integrity and honour mellowed by the social grace under the tutelage of experienced faculty. The motto also reflects the purpose of education ‘Take us from darkness to light’. Thus as certain that ignorance gives way to knowledge, truth and beauty,” says Harendra Kumar Yadav, Principal, Chhotu Ram Sr Sec Public School.

“CRPS is no place for passive learning. The school continues to thrust on innovative practices, project methods and experimentation.For all the techie-buffs and computer-oriented children who wish to quench their thirst for knowledge we have well equipped and spacious labs of Science, Mathematics and Computers,” he says.

“We give equal emphasis on sports and cultural activities. Our students have excelled in sports and other cultural activities,” adds Harendra.

Changing trends

“Over the years, the curriculum has changed a lot but still there is more to be done. It should be designed to bring better results. Also, we need more people who want to work in the field of education so that their passion can take our education system to new height,” says Harendra. “We are now focusing on the overall development of child, giving equal emphasis on their physical and mental well being.”

“We have started experimenting with smart classes. Besides, learning isn’t just a classroom activity at CRPS. It spills into formal and informal discussions, seminars, workshops, lectures and presentations by distinguished visitors to the school,” he adds.

What is needed?

“Today, there is a need for practical knowledge and not bookish knowledge. The learning has to be activity-based so that children can learn better. We need to engage children in social activities as well. Thus, an integrated curriculum is the need of the day, which has both theoretical and practical knowledge,” he adds.

“Thus, traditional classroom is no longer valid. Smart classes with the right implementation should be integrated in the school. Also, children should be given hands-on training so that they know how to use their knowledge and skills,” adds Harendra. “Teachers should design better lesson plans.”

“Children should be trained in what they want to become and not in all subjects,” he feels.

On students…

“It is also important to make students accountable for their activities,” he adds. “Self learning should be encouraged but there has to be a check on the information a child can access. There is so much content available over the internet but not everything is correct. Also, too much information is also not good for children. Children cannot judge between right and wrong. So, it is the responsibility of the parents and the teachers to ensure that children access only the right content.” he says.

Harendra also feels the psycho motor tests should be conducted for students to understand their right personality, skills and behaviour. “We also have various Clubs like Eco, Language, Science & Technology, etc to encourage children to choose one as per their liking.” he adds.

As a step further, CRPS conducts career counselling sessions is school. “We help them in choosing the right stream for them after Class X. At regular parents teacher meetings, we encourage parents to focus on their child’s health and nutrition needs as well. We want the right development of students in all respects,” he adds.

On empowering teachers …

“Teachers have to be proactive and they should be ready to take initiatives and learn the new methodologies and implement them. They have to satisfy the curiosity of students and so should be well informed,” he shares.

Harendra also emphasises on the need of empowering teachers through regular trainings, workshops and counselling sessions. “With the changes in curriculum, teachers need to be trained accordingly. At CRPS we regularly conduct training and workshops. We also send our teachers to various workshops like those by textbook publishers and CBSE,” he shares. CRPS also uses Mylestone, which is a mission to transform the quality of teaching in Indian schools and make the entire schooling process enriching, beneficial and future-oriented. Mylestone comes as a comprehensive educational solution for K-12 – catering to students, teachers, parents and the school management. The Mylestone curriculum, once implemented in a school, ensures that students become active participants in the learning process instead of being just passive recipients of information.

On a concluding note…

“Students should have hands-on knowledge. Rote learning is passe. Schools should give the right atmosphere, infrastructure, education, moral values and social values to their students. Only when our students are empowered, our society and our nation will be empowered,” concludes Harendra.