Education system and skills – a survey


According to Hindustan Times-MaRS Monitoring and Research Systems survey, young people are feeling out of their depth in workplaces which are revolutionised by artificial intelligence and automation. This is because of lack of career counselling services in colleges and universities. The survey was conducted on 1,680 young professionals, both men and women and graduates and above, aged between 21 and 27. These professionals are employed for 1-3 years and are pursuing new-age careers in digital entertainment and media, retail, e-commerce, social media, digital advertising and media, BPO and start-ups. They work in six metros: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. The survey also said that inadequate academia-industry linkages are not giving them enough practical experience to sail through the first years of their working life. Due to this, employees from Mumbai (89%), Kolkata (86%) and Hyderabad (84%) feel they lack practical work experience. As many as 79% people say colleges and universities do not have counselling services in place.

The survey also shows that only 26% of the respondents feel that their education has contributed highly to their personality development or interpersonal management skills. 74% say their college and university syllabus and courses are not updated regularly and 80% per cent feel they missed out on opportunities for personality development while studying.