Don’t hear, listen!

All children have their own learning abilities and disabilities. More than carrying laurels on abilities, it is time we sit back to work on the problem areas for the slow learners, weaker students and turn them into enabled lot of students.


Parents put lot of pressure on children to excel in exams and they often compare them with children who perform better. When children are not able to perform parents put lot of pressure on them.

But this is time they should pause and think — What should have been done to avoid such situation? Did we consider the problem/ concern/difficulty/understanding from the student? Did we provide necessary ways and means to overcome these difficulties though at a slower pace or with a lower result percentage? Did we give enough time and resources to grow? Did we allow adequate adjustments before the actual exam preparation stage? Did we monitor progress? Did we create a good peer learning environment?

We have talked about tutorials, vocational education and training and extra-curricular activities in addition to schooling that is a mainstay for the physical and mental growth of the students. Work upon. Respect each incredible student and nurture them appropriately.

What children want is RESPECT?
• Revise, recall, relearn – as many times with breaks and refreshments.
• Encouragement that it can be done – be positive and encourage them.
• Simulation — creating the mock, learning made better.
• Personal tutoring environment – patience and time.
• Eye contact – be there giving the feeling of do as you know, I am with you, no mater what.
• Consistency approach – never give up on them, they may excel in something else.
• Timetable – plan , you are the boss, don’t over-plan.

It is the might of anyone to look forward to score and score good. I believe results are just milestones that come after every interval. To go towards a goal or live a dream, it requires parents to take out time from their busy schedule and with patience and willingness, work upon the weaknesses of their children and turn them into strengths, derive them to opportunities to excel. Never leave the low score students, they only need time, attention and effort to rise and there are no exceptions for any failure or weaker students, all are going to be responsible citizens of tomorrow. (No conditions apply)

Have faith in self and them. Don’t hear, listen!

Salla Vijay Kumar is a National Awards’ Winning Lecturer, with a Masters in Philosophy from MKU, Madurai and pursuing Ph.D. (Management). He is lecturer & academic in-charge at IHM Ahmedabad since 2002.He is a proud recipient of four National Level Awards: National Award for Excellence in Hospitality Education the best teacher 2008-09 MoT, GOI l Aspiring Researcher 2015 IHC; and Award of Excellence in the field of Tourism & Hospitality 2018 , IHC. His research interest pertains to areas of human resource development, food, hospitality and tourism.With International exposure to Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Switzerland,he has been instrumental through industry operations, academia and writing (in various disciplines); he is a Qualified Learning Facilitator from Ecole Hotelier De Lausanne, Switzerland and handling multiple portfolios.