Digital Printing Solution in the administrative department


Puneet Kool
Manager–Product Marketing, Canon India, New Delhi

These days educators across India spend a great deal of time preparing effective study materials like worksheets, question papers, notices, drill test, etc. To do this in less time, teachers now use laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. Once data is ready in soft format like PDF, most challenging task is to print them in desired paper as per requisite size, create copies, bind them, etc. Another big challenge is to store them securely for future use. Very regularly, teachers also struggle to do scanning and creating multiple copies of documents. As users are not very well versed with printers and print commands, many documents are printed by mistake & left unattended on printers which breaches document security. The time spent on managing pain areas of document printing, storage, scanning, security, print as per demand, proper binding causes wastages and delays purpose of document management which further results in overall loss of money for institutions.

Administratively, educational institutions are dependent on third party service providers for document management who in turn use reconditioned/old digital printers installed within/outside the schools and maintained by them. The charges of third party service providers for these services vary from institution to institution which doesn’t bring transparency. At times, digital printers have breakdowns as equipments are old, spare parts are not easily available. Moreover, they are also not able to maintain optimum quality standards of printing as well. Thus most of the admin guys of educational institutions are looking for a full proof digital printing solutions to meet their operational needs and bring economies in printing Modern day digital printing solution provider organisations offer solutions that make it easier to assemble creative content while providing convenient ways to access and print these documents. These printing hardware have in-built features of document printing and quality management like excellent printing quality, high print speed, built-in duplex colour scanning, on-line finishing like pin stapling and eco stapling, storage space with password protection to keep documents for future use, user login with password protection to ensure documents are printed only when user is available on printer to avoid documents being left unattended, ability to use printer as network printer, next generation touch screen user interface, etc. These devices can also be configured with email SMTP servers to send scanned documents directly from printer to email.

To maintain a quality learning environment, faculty can also share lesson plans and course materials with their colleagues. In-built hard disk storage space allows teachers and faculty to have access to commonly used forms, such as permission slips, attendance sheets, worksheet, etc and print them as needed. With the ability to link hard disks space of various printers, faculty staffers are assured that the most up-to-date version is available for their access. These printers also support print formats like TIFF and JPEG, apart from standard PDF which brings flexibility to avoid changing format. With pen drive connectivity directly available on printer, documents can directly be printed from printer without involving network computer in case of urgencies.

What’s more is that schools are at the heart of their communities, and are expected to be a model for environmental responsibility. These printers have been developing technologies that meet these demands by offering environmentally conscious solutions. As these solutions are Energy Star rated they have in-buit advanced energy-efficient technologies without compromising features or performance of the printers.

Newer digital printing solution is sold and serviced directly by parent service providers established in India and thus brings complete transparency in managing these solutions for admin team of educational institutions or schools. These solutions can be purchased by institution directly from service providers and the ownership of these solutions stays with school. These solutions are serviced by team of service providers (qualified engineers) for five years. Spare parts, consumables and toner provided by parent service provider for these solutions are always 100 percent genuine. Per print cost on these solutions are much lower than current cost of third party solution providers once equipment is owned by institutions.

With the ever increasing demand of print requirements at educational institutions, these solutions will always provide better document management, quality standards and better ROI to institutions.

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