CBSE submits pedagogical plan


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has asked affiliated schools to submit a ‘pedagogical plan’ wherein they are expected to create a detailed report on their assessment plan and vision.

The recent circular asks principals to work as pedagogical leaders, which means they have to set learning objectives for students to ensure a learning outcome based teaching process. Principals will combine the plans submitted by all teachers and come up with a detailed plan for the school, which will be submitted to the board.

The circular says, ‘Each teacher must have the capacity to make her/his lesson plan for each lesson to be taught by her. The lesson plans must be innovative, based on experiential learning and preferably integrate art into the pedagogy.’

It further states, “Pedagogical plans imbibe all thinking, preparation and steps of execution involved in making each stage of curriculum transaction (setting learning objectives, preparing lesson plans, transaction, assessment, identifying outcomes of learning of each student through assessment) meaningful and comprehensible for students.”