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Digital detox

In a poll conducted by the organization Common Sense Media, 50% of teens reported that they felt that they were addicted to their mobile devices. A whopping 78% of the teen respondents said that they check their digital devices hourly.…

Experiential Learning at Home Campaign

Bringing children’s learning and development back to balance - the key priority in the post-pandemic world, and why Experiential Holistic Learning is the most effective way to do so. –-by Witold Matulewicz

The dawn of a new age in education

The global work landscape has changed, making way for the emergence of new and innovative skill sets where a fresh set of professional expertise will be demanded. The education system needs to recalibrate, go beyond rote learning, and focus…

Post-covid school leadership challenges

With increased possibilities of schools getting back to their regular course sooner than later, the school leaders need to engage in some constructive thinking as to the kind of challenges they would meet. –-by G. Balasubramaniam

Part-time online coding program for students

Masai School, India’s first Military style coding school, has launched its part-time full-stack developer program. The program is aimed at both students and working professionals – who can’t commit to a full-time program but aspire to learn…