Be a warrior, not a worrier!


“Life is a never ending process of learning, exams only check your current preparation. Be a warrior not a worrier,” says Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, in his book Exam Warriors.

Written by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and published by Penguin Random House, Exam Warriors is an inspiring book where PM has given 25 mantras and has shared his anecdotes, touched various aspects through which a student has to go through while taking an exam.

The PM often addresses the concerns of students on his radio show ‘Mann ki Baat’ and also holds a special student-centric show before the board exams. The idea for the book stemmed from there, as the PM decided to make a compilation of his thoughts on the matter, coupled with relatable anecdotes. The result is Exam Warriors – an inspiring book for the youth and their parents.

Written in a fun and interactive style, with illustrations, activities and yoga exercises, this book is a must read for not just students but for all. Non-preachy, practical and thought-provoking, it is a handy guide for students.

The quality of this book is exceptional, that too with a price tag of Rs 100. Every page is four-colour print on deluxe paper. The illustrations are quirky and attractive for all.

The content is simple, compact and lucid. The suggestions in this book are universal and can be implemented by one and all, across geographical borders and all strata. Children will love its presentation and easy-to-understand content. It will help child to focus on gaining knowledge, rather than marks.

The book is equally interesting for parents, who can get a few parenting tips to handle their child better and help their child bloom. Besides, it also works as a self-help book, reminding us that it is not important to succeed in not just exams per se, but also in the exam of life itself. The idea is so simple, yet so challenging to implement.

The book also includes a few pages on Yoga, which is a lifelong treasure. Effective & beautiful presentation of yoga serves as a valuable introduction into the world of Yoga for readers.

A must read book for all!

–Varsha Verma


Dolphins have intelligence next only to human beings!

If human standards for intelligence are applied to non-human animals, however, dolphins come very close to our own brain aptitude levels, suggests Emory University dolphin expert Lori Marino.

She’s performed MRI scans of dolphin brains. The scans prove dolphin brains are:

• big, relative to body size

• intricate, with a neocortex “more highly convoluted than our own”

• structured to allow for self-awareness and the processing of what Marino calls “complex emotioans.”

All animals share the capacity for emotions, she explained, but the part of the dolphin brain associated with processing emotional information is particularly expanded.