Aroma of learning…


The academic year 2018 has just dawned. The students and teachers come back to the schools with fresh hope, fresh aspirations and with a will to face newer challenges. Many schools are celebrating the success stories of their previous academic year and a few others are working out strategies for improving their current performance. They are also waiting for the new generation education policy, which is overdue and also the design of the new curricular and its much-celebrated objectives.

However, in spite of all these formal narratives that describe schooling and its ancillary activities, learning appears to be happening continuously and effectively through a number of informal sources night and day. The aroma of learning has permeated into all corridors of information and knowledge access and has provoked unlimited curiosity and opportunity for knowledge assimilation and processing. There is evidence to show that the young learners are keen in synthesizing the current knowledge packages into newer structures and thus open unlimited opportunities for newer perceptions to evaluating knowledge. These initiatives are not in any way blocking the formal celebrations of knowledge, but engage the formal structures with unprecedented challenges to prove their worth and to sustain their value in the tsunami of knowledge flow and its management.

“Learning Beyond” has become the mantra of the younger generation and hence they use all the available corridors of knowledge access to mindfully engage themselves for futuristic growth. Cinema, television, sports, travel, adventure game, social services, internets and on-line support systems help them to enlarge the compass of their growth process. The current issue of THE PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL magazine is addressing to this new challenge and examines the possibilities of such corridors and avenues which could be helpful to the institutions to be infused into the curriculum. The Progressive School gratefully acknowledges the support given by all the authors, Principals and others to have contributed for this issue.

Learning, it is claimed, is a continuous life-long process. Therefore the magazine provides inputs to the entire spectrum of readers which includes students, teachers, heads of institutions and school administrators to examine their status and seek extended opportunities for learning and growth. The topics covered in this issue scale a wide range of learning opportunities and learning experiences.

Wishing all of you a Happy Reading!

Editor-in- Chief